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I've Sound Forum

I've Sound Forum - Registration Agreement Terms

The Rules.
last updated: March 04, 2018


- Please be sure to actually read these rules in full. You may not like them, but it is the responsibility of the user (you) to know what is and isn't expected on this forum.
- If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Administrators.
- Report all rule infractions to a Moderator or Administrator so they can be dealt with accordingly.
- There are no excuses for breaking rules here. All infractions will be dealt with accordingly.

To all Administrators:
- Do not abuse your positions or your powers as a Moderator or Administrator. Abuse of power will result in a demotion and possible warn.
- Do not promote or demote members without permission from the Forum Staff.


The Moderating Team

At the moment, this is your staff for the I've Sound Forum:



Admission to Moderation is possible through PMing (personal messaging) an Administrator with an application, given the following proportion: for each 50 members, 1 moderator.


The Cardinal Rules of Any Forum:

- Please, respect your fellow members.
- Do not post any messages that may be considered racist, offensive, or potentially threatening.
- Please take the Administrators and Moderators seriously. They know what they're doing.

Spelling & Grammar
- Please use proper spelling and grammar when you post.
- Make sure your post can be understood well enough by other users.
- If your message is completely illegible, it will be removed immediately.

User Accounts
- We trust our members not to share their account information with others and doing so is discouraged.
- Please do not make multiple accounts or they will be deleted.
- The I've Sound Forum and Forumeiros are not responsible for loss of account information or status. That is the responsibility of the user.
- Please be aware that Administrators have the right to edit your posting and account information if it conflicts with any of the rules stated on this page.

User Names
- Your user name must be more than 3 characters long.
- If your user name contains any inappropriate characters or words, it will be deleted and a possible ban could follow.

- Financial advertising is NOT allowed in posts.
- Forum advertising is allowed. However, please do not over-advertise or spam advertisements in posts and signatures.

- Spam is NOT allowed in any board regardless of who it is.
- Warn or deletation may be given depending on the severity of the spam.
- Posts that can be considered spam: One-word posts, posts in CAPS, off-topic posts (unless they are followed by something on-topic), posts giving irrelevant answers (e.g. "lolwut", "tl;dr", "troll", "u suck").
- Double posting is allowed, but is discouraged unless you have a very good reason for doing it.

Avatar Uploads
- The maximum avatar upload size is 100x100 pixels and 64kB..
- If your avatar is found to be too big or contains offensive or racist content, it will be removed immediately.

- The maximum length for a signature is 1000 characters.
- Make sure your pictures don't stretch the page or they will be deleted on the spot.
- If your signature is too long, it will be immediately removed and you will be notified by an Admin.
- Do not post offensive content, or links to illegal software in your signature.

Personal Photo
- There is an unlimited upload size on personal photos.
- If your picture stretches the page, it will be removed immediately.
- Again, do not use a photo that contains offensive, profanic, or racist content.

- Please do not post images that stretch the page. If you are posting an overly large image such as a wallpaper, you are advised to link the image. Failure to do so will result in deletion of your post.
- If you think you are posting an image of questionable content (e.g. possibly offensive or nudity), either link the image (including in the webpage title "Linked for *insert violation here*") or do not post it at all if you really have doubts. The Moderators and Administrators will judge whether the image is suitable to remain in the post and will delete it if it proves not to be. If you do not link the image, it will be deleted immediately.

Topic and Post-Making
- Please do not create topics without a reason or they will be deleted.
- If you are having trouble posting a message, or would like your topic to be locked, deleted, or moved, please contact an Administrator or Moderator for help.
- When editing a post that is not your own, please add the "edited by" line so your changes may be cited.

- Please do not post links to offensive material. Such posts will be deleted and a warn will follow.
- Links to downloads are allowed. However, please support the industry by removing links when products become licensed/copyrighted and by buying products when they are released. Remembering that I've Sound is now on iTunes.
- The posting of chain letters, hacking materials, warez, cracks, gambling sites, ROMs, and viruses is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.

- Do not mess around with anything that may cause damage to this forum. Administrative action will be taken for those who do so.

Possible Punishments
1. Notification by an Administrator or Moderator
2. Increase in Warn Level
3. Suspension
4. Temporary Ban
5. Permanent Ban or IP Ban depending on the magnitude of your actions.

- Again, please be sure to pay attention to all of the rules so that everyone may enjoy the forum in peace. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any member of the Moderating Team.


Thanks for reading this and have fun on the site!

From the staff of the I've Sound Forum. ^^